Malibu Beach Inn is the first interactive virtual content available on web designed for luxury hotels. It consists of reception/concierge area, restaurant & bar area, outdoor terrace, private boardroom and three room types. We integrated 65+ virtual tags within the spaces for potential guests to interact with. Virtual tags have been strategically categorized based on type of content they represent.

Red – Virtual transition from one space to another
Purple – Partners & Affiliates
Green – Hotel Features
Blue – Media Content (video, social media)
Orange – Awards & Associations
Yellow – ‘Reserve room’ option

With this easily accessible content, potential guests from all around the globe are able to have a true sense of the atmosphere and go beyond basic web results. Our virtual content allows users to experience the hotel’s unique features first-hand. Below is the breakdown for the major features integrated into virtual spaces.

- Accommodation & Package options have been integrated from official website.
- ‘Conde Nast’ marketing video
- Carbon Beach Club and three room types have been virtually linked into the space which allows users to explore these areas with one-click.

Carbon Beach Club:
- As a member, ‘Leading Hotels of the World’ website integrated
- Instagram account @malibubeachinn have been integrated to increase followers and engagement
- Two signature cocktail videos have been uploaded to present an immersive visual and highlight the high quality of service
- Dining page have been integrated from client website for users to explore the menus and contact for reservations
- An extensive drone video uploaded to terrace entrance
- Awards & associations linked into the virtual space
- Private boardroom virtually linked into the space for private event bookings

- The official websites of all affiliate vendors featured in the rooms have been integrated to highlight the quality of amenities
- Option to instantly reserve the room